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The Coton de Tuléar, or "Coton" for short, is a wonderful companion dog. They make a great choice for families with children and are the perfect addition to the family. They bond to humans quickly and become extremely devoted and affectionate making an excellent loving companion. The Coton de Tuléar can be quite intuitive and can learn new commands and tricks very quickly. They are sturdy and fast making them great in agility which is fun for the Coton and its owner.

Cotons were bred and developed for the purpose of being a loyal loving companion dog as well as being an excellent watchdog who will happily alert you to the arrival of visitors. They are well suited as loving companions because of their happy personalities, adaptable character, loving nature, intelligence, entertaining mannerisms and overall cuteness. Cotons tend to adapt to the lifestyle of their family which make them a wonderful pet for a broad spectrum of people. They are happy couch potatoes or thrilled to take a long hike in the mountains with you. Just let them know and they will happily follow.

Cotons have been referred to as the "anti-depressant" breed because of their general happiness and abilities to cheer their humans with their smile, playful antics, and general empathetic personality. Cotons are generally a cheerful breed that with encouragement are able to adapt to most anything that comes their way. Cotons are a relatively healthy breed and look forward to living a life of 15+ years.

Cotons are very smart and aim to please their owners. When given verbal praise and the occasional yummy treat, they catch on quickly to training and new commands. They are always up for a new challenge. Many Coton de Tuléar do very well in the show ring with their lovely long coat flowing as they walk around the ring and most Cotons love the attention from people and judges.

The Cotons de Tuléar derive their name from their beautiful long cottony coats and from their original Bay of Tuléar location on the island of Madagascar. The beautiful Coton de Tuléar coat actually has a dual purpose of providing excellent insulation from both heat and cold. The cottony coat is airy and fluffy allowing for air to circulate creating a cooling effect in Summer and an extra layer of warmth in Winter. A Coton in full coat requires daily care but it's also possible to keep them in a somewhat shorter "puppy cut" for easier maintenance.

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