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The Russell Family

At Masonboro Cotons, we treat our animals as part of our family. We have lived in Wilmington, NC, for over 15 years and are a family of 6. We love everything about the coast and everything about Cotons!


We adopted two cotons in 2011. Coco (bottom photo) is a sweet, loving smaller Coton who takes her job of pleasing her parents very seriously. Be careful if you sit down because you will have her on your lap in no time! Biddle was a fluffy, sweet, loving Coton who loved everyone dearly and loved her meal time just as much! Sadly we lost Biddle in 2023, but know she is waiting for us over the rainbow bridge. These two are how we came to love Cotons, and now we want to share our love of the breed and help other families enjoy years of owning the delightful Coton de Tulear! See the new additions we plan to breed on their separate pages - Bay and Sea Sea!

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you!


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